Updates, News, and Information.

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Updates, News, and Information.


      Greetings of the New Year, and (yesss...) upcoming IHG updates.

One morning recently, while cradling my AM cup of coffee, and tiptoeing through the the fragile environs of my emerging consciousness-  it hit me: I could very well be a person that is qualified to have a secretary...... or in todays politically-correct world, a "personal facilitator"- or some such incarnation of the term...  But seriously, the idea of somebody handling the "logistics" of everything I am involved with, might actually not be a bad idea......  Buttt,  (when time is made...) I really kind of like that side of business to a small degree. So.... where I'm going here is : I am sorry. Sorry because I have really dropped the ball on the "IHG" web-side of my intentions. I guess that's just what needed to happen for the past year+, as I have been more and more involved with my guitar work (aka- my "real" gig I do...). The good news is that arena is going really great- and HEY- if any of you Choo Choo collectors ever want to talk all things guitar: please don't hesitate. I have been ramping up my collecting in vintage guitars, and love to discuss the many aspects of that topic, as much as I like talking railroad stuff! And- I would be remiss to not say that I am always interested in buying quality American guitars, especially the "big three": Fender, Gibson and Martin (among others as well), from the 30's thru the '70's. Okay! so here's my plan: by March 1st- I hope to add a considerable amount of great stuff to the site, as I have been able to buy a couple of small collections, and also have some good consignment stuff slated as well. As I have mentioned before: LIFE GOES ON around here- and I am always doing something railroadiana wise whether buying trading or the like. If there is something in particular you are seeking PLEASE feel free to contact me anytime, and we can handle it "old school" via phone, or email. With the current state of Ebay (Boooo, essentially a wholesale clearing house anymore...), I am feeling the interest of returning to the very personalized style of dealing one-on-one whenever possible!    


I will be out on the road, after the 4th of Feb, and hope to see some of you at the Buena Park, CA. Railroadiana Show on the weekend of the 9th and 10th. The site is at:  http://www.californiaexpress.net/  (looks to need updating..!).    Then, I will be attending the Las Vegas antique bottle show the following weekend (the 15th and 16th). Dont know the website, but it is held at the "Texas Station" Casino, about 4 miles NW of "the strip, close to Summerlin (Vegas suburb), NV. If you live somewhere in the "southland" and you have anything for sale or trade, by all means let me know so we can try to get together if possible. Hope to see some of you out there!


Updates, News, and Information.